What is VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol

What is VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice Over Internet Protocol as you can see here the world is connected through the network but it is through the voice.

So let’s see what is happening in VoIP?

Now Internet Protocol when we talk of Internet Protocol then traditionally the networks were used to send data, data is in files, text files video files, audio files but as the technology improved then the quality of data being transferred over the internet also increased and the price that was associated with communicating came down.

Then users started demanding that they should be able to send voice also over that same internet connection that using that same Internet Protocol.

There is a small glitch there the glitches that voice is being sent as an analog signal however on the internet the data is being sent as packets

So what VoIP does, what the voice over Internet Protocol does is that it will convert that voice into data packets, so that voice can travel. VoIP is a set of protocols and systems developed to provide this service seamlessly.

To do this many protocols are used, as usual, you will need to have sets of rules and regulations for any type of communication over the Internet.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

These are some of the protocols that are used by the VOIP:-

  1. H.323
  2. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  3. Session Description Protocol (SDP)
  4. Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)
  5. Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)
  6. Skype Protocol

Skype Protocol type has its own set of protocols because it is so widely used all over the world.

Here we’ll be discussing H.323, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) – 

Because they are the most fundamental ones that are being used to establish this voice over Internet Protocol connection

H.323 Protocol

So it is a voice over IP standard for defining the components protocols and procedures basically H.323 what it does –

H.323 defines the framework for conversion of voice into data packets so that it can travel over the Internet.

It provides real-time multimedia sessions – so earlier we were just sending data files but now we have multimedia sessions audio video a combination of all these.

Some of the services that are facilitated by H.323 are:-

  1.  IP telephony
  2. Video Telephony 
  3. Audio Data
  4. Video and Data Communications

So if you are saying using Skype so you are chatting with that person you can see that person or you can share your screen with that person and simultaneously.

If you want to send the document has to be sent that also you can send.

How Does It Work? Voice Over Internet Protocol


The next important protocol is –

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

H.323 was being used to establish the framework.

What SIP is doing 

SIP is initiating that session so that voice can travel. This protocol establishes modifies and terminates multimedia sessions.

Now why it needs to terminate as you can remember when data packets are travelling then, in that case, they can take different-different routes to reach its destination.

But in the case of voice, it is sometimes like circuit switching, an established set of rules have to be there and establish a set of paths has to be there between the sender and the receiver.

That is done by the SIP.

SIP also facilitates multi-party media sessions, what does that mean that you can have a video conferencing between five people who are located physically at five corners of the world

So in this post, we come to know what is VOIP, how VoIP or voice over internet protocol is being used to transmit voice over the internet.

I hope you understand the concept.

If you have any doubt related to VOIP, just comment below in the comment session.

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