What is SERPs SEO and Search Intent?
What is SERPs SEO and Search Intent

What is SERPs SEO and Search Intent?

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In this article, I am going to answer what is a SERP, SERP ranking, SERP SEO, Search Intent, etc.

Many people ask what is SERP, how to get this SERP feature to my website, you gonna see this term many time when discussing with a seo expert, blog.

Gets go and see What is SERPs SEO and Search Intent!!

What is SERPs?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page, whenever you run a query in the search engine and some pages show up that is what SERP means.

So here is the SERP for keyword SEO, I queried the word SEO in google and here what I get is this

serp features, What is SERPs?, TECHCODE
Keyword SEO


Now as you see this image there are many interesting things going on in this SERP result. For example, we see some organic link.

The website that ranked on the first page of SERP for the keyword seo is Moz and search engine lands articles also you see a people also ask box with a dropdown with some extra question that people are asking for.

We see a knowledge panel at the right-hand side of the screen. So there are so many things going on in the modern SERP result.

We have to ask ourself Is that anything we are learning from just looking at the page? What type of query is it? What is the intent for the user while searching this query? What user want to know after firing this query in Google?

Now let’s change the query seo to search engine optimization, and see what happen

search engine optimization, serp features, What is SERPs?
Keyword search engine optimization


Now the search engine lands articles move to the top and Moz article moved to down. As we see the result changed, people also ask the question has changed a bit. And over on the right-hand side, the images changed.

So this minor-minor changes, change the SERP result.

Let’s do another change whenever you are searching for Currency Converter

On SERP, you see an additional component added on the page when you searched for this query. We see the little calculator, some large panel on the right-hand side of the screen.  The page turn dramatically, the search engine understand the search intent of the user.

Let’s have another change,

What is SERPs SEO and Search Intent, google serp layout, techcode
Keyword Chicken Curry Recipe


Chicken Curry Recipe… yummy ha

When I typed the Chicken Curry Recipe the entire page gets changed, all we see are recipes, lots of images, youtube suggestion, some star rating is there. If you observe there are no images or information panel on the right-hand side of the SERP result.

So when we look at SERPs – Search Engine Results Page

What we wanna concentrate on is what is showing in SERP result, what changes with this minute changes in the search query and if we can try to derive this which is “Search Intent”.

If you want to learn the Seo – What is SEO for Beginners

What is Search Intent

Search intent is the way or intent, that a user/person has when running a query in the search engine. What is that they want to learn or to see or do after completing the query.

So do access all the example that we took to understand what is SERP.

See among those examples, all minor variation, that search intent change that we should consider.

Let’s talk about the types of Search Intent and how we derive it by looking at the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

In general term, there are 3 flavours in search intent. But in many articles, they break that out in  5-6 types, but mostly this 3 are considered as main search intent type consider in SEO.

  1. Informational search intent

  2. Transactional Search Intent

  3. Navigational Search Intent


Informational Search Intent

So the first and most common search intent is Informational search intent.

To understand it properly let’s look at a search engine result page that shows Informational search intent.

So here I typed a term called SEO in the search engine.

Informational search intent, What is SERPs SEO and Search Intent, Techcode
Informational Search Intent


This is a very excellent example of Informational search intent.

In Informational search intent query what we see is just an information about a query that user types in the search engine. Here when I search for SEO, this is what search engine returns the result to me ( above image).

That’s talk about Beginner Guide to Seo, What is SEO, Informational images on the right-hand side with a Wikipedia article, People also ask question. Here we see a very heavy information search query.

In this example, we can not see any link to buy the seo services, there is no comparison about anything or services.

Informational search intent is a bunch of information about the topic that the user query in the search engine.

bunch of information, SERP Result, google search results page
SERP Result


When we cover up all this thing that we called SERP feature. we can observe that there is quite limited organic result in the page. So the information search feature has less organic results page. There is a lot of SERP features that show up in this type of searches.

  1. About 50% to 80% of all query is information search intent queries.
  2. These informational queries are the first stage of the sales funnel.

To give you a clear idea about why I say this is because whenever a customer what to buy something he/she will definitely want to know about the information of the product.

The next type of search intent is “Transactional Search Intent

Transactional Search Intent ( Searcher to Customer Keyword)

Transactional Search Intent ( Searcher to Customer Keyword), serp analysis, serp Ranking
Transactional Search Intent ( Searcher to Customer Keyword)


I’ve queried the word cooler on google. I am not saying I want to buy the cooler, or anything, just I typed the word cooler. And what we see in the result is the Shopping result which is sponsored along the right and side of the page.

In the below images I typed the word Digital Marketing Course, we see ads, a very heavy ads placement at the top of the page. In this query, we can’t see the right-hand side panel.

Transactional Search Intent ( Searcher to Customer Keyword) ,serp tool, serp analysis, serp ranking,
Transactional Search Intent ( Searcher to Customer Keyword)


When we cover up the SERP feature, all the result that is not an organic result, we see a very very small amount of organic result on the search engine result page.

In this type of search intent, we see a very small organic result. There is a large brand that has a heavy presence on the SERP results.

So this is a transaction search intent query and has you see there is a lot of ads associated with this query.

This is because I am saying the cooler or a Digital Marketing Course. The search engine is thinking when the user is typing the transactional keyword, it is assuming that you want to buy something.

Suppose I am comparing the coolers, best cooler for my house, best digital marketing institute in my city, best institute to learn the digital marketing, so this are the term that has the high conversion rate this keyword might convert the searcher to customer.

So the search engine shows the cooler directly, the big brand is placing their ads to rank on the top to grab the customer.

If you created the funnel then this keyword are generally in the middle or bottom of the funnel.

According to Rank Ranger, ads appear on 51.61% of page one SERPs.


The last search intent type is Navigational Search Intent


Navigational Search Intent

Navigational Search Intent, google search results page, What is SERPs SEO and Search Intent
Navigational Search Intent


Here we search a query Medical store in Dadar

Here is a navigation search query, now I am in Mumbai and run this query for the term medical store in Dadar.

When I hit enter I’ve seen this local pack or Map result showing me 3 local results.

If you observe it, you will see an amazing thing that all the result is SERP, almost there is no organic result.

So when then search engine interpreted your intent for the search query is navigational in nature i.e I want to go to a physical location that’s why I search for it.

This type of query generally doesn’t generate the organic result, because it is quite a bit waste.

One interesting fact of navigational search intent keyword is

Navigational Search Intent has such a high correlation with visiting the store or a physical location, customer conversion chance is high. Navigational Search Intent is considered at the bottom of the sales funnel. It is very close to having a deal or a purchase or a conversion rate is high.

So this are the 3 main search intent you must know while doing keyword research.

When you are developing an SEO strategy for a client it is very important to focus on branded search intent and properly understand it. So

What is Branded Search Intent?

Branded Search Intent is seen when you are doing keyword research or analyzing a keyword rank position. Often time many big brands are tracking there keyword term with a brand name included in it.

Let’s have an example of Bluehost if you are tracking for the keyword Bluehost Hosting or Best VPS Hosting Bluehost. Suppose this are the keyword that you are trekking. So as you see its a branded search query.

Let’s talk a look at how a branded search query or a branded search intent looks like, this will makes you easy to understand.

Here I have an example, I’ve just run a query Hosting. If you are Digital marketer or a blogger then seeing at this image you can easily tell what we have here is as Transaction Search Intent Keyword. We see a lot of ads from a different company because its a Customer Grabbing Keyword.

What is Branded Search Intent?, Branded Search Intent SERP'S google, techcode
Branded Search Intent


Now if we add a Bluehost in the keyword that is Hosting Bluehost, Bluehost is a best-hosting company that provide hosting at a very cheap price.

If we add this term to the transactional search intent query, look that this images what is showing in the result. As this is also a transactional keyword we are seeing a lot of ads. But look at the result what we get, after putting a brand name in front of a transactional keyword.

As soon as I add a brand I’ve seen that brand is showing up in the result.

Now the organic result below the ads is of Bluehost.

So when you include the name of the company in the search query, you gonna see often a time that company is showing up the top result.

You are telling the google or a search engine that you want an answer or a service from this brand. This query also narrows up your result too.

 Branded Search Intent, Bluehost hosting serp feature, seo techcode
Branded Search Intent

If we see the SERP feature of the first query we see a broad diversity in the result. If we compare the result with the second keyword which is a branded search intent keyword we see an isolated result with proper guidance.

You should expect when a business is using or tracking there branded search query in there campaign or project you should expect that they rank high for the result. If you see there Serch console they are Ranking for the keyword + Brand name that is a branded search intent term.

You gonna see that for the branded search intent they rank very high. If you remove the brand from the search query then see the results for the non-branded search intent term.

There is a very high conversion in the branded search Keyword.

If you are looking for the Hosting, have a look at this Hosting Complete Guide


Common Attribute and Feature in the SERP

If you are reading this content then I am pretty much sure that you’re an SEO GUY or an SEO Expert or a Digital Marketer who want to understand the concept of SERP.

A good seo expert is always curious about what shows up in the search engine results page.

Beyond the organic result what extra shows up, what extra SERP attribute or feature is showing when you type the keyword in the search engine.

Let’s have an example and walk through some of the common attribute and feature in the SERP as well as what that means.

So here we have a search engine result page for the keyword “Best SEO Tips and Tricks”. So let go ahead and walk through the thing that we see in the SERP’s result.

So at first, we see on the top of the page is a count of pages in the search index that met your criteria. Here I asked the question Best SEO Tips and Tricks and search engine looked in it database we call it as an index page in the SEOterm. Its result saying that it has 12,80,00,000 result that met the criteria.

This number is very useful to analyse the data and also for the search modifier.

Featured Snippet

Let’s go ahead and jump into the next thing on the page. The boxed term is a Featured Snippet.

Now Featured Snippet has 3 types

  1. 2-3 Sentences Answer
  2. List
  3. Tables

The one in the image is the List Featured Snippet for the term Best SEO Tips and Tricks. Generally, any one of the things shows up in the result pages.

How Featured Snippet is Generated?

The featured snippet is generated from among the top 10 results on the pages. First google bots go to the all top 10 organic results and find the accurate answer for the query. So the search engine is empowered to answer for the particular question asked by the user.

Featured Snippet doesn’t also show up that can change in very short order, if perform a search query now and do it again after some time it can be different.

So that was all about what Featured Snippet is.

The common attribute of SERP Feature

  1. People Also Ask

  2. Youtube Videos Featured Snippet

  3. Organic Result

  4. Images Pack

  5. Local Packs

  6. Twitter Results

  7. Top Stories

  8. Q&A on Google Box

  9. App Downloads

  10. Events

Common Attribute and Feature in the SERP, featured snippet, serp analysis, techcode
Common Attribute and Feature in the SERP

People Also Ask

Down below the featured snippet ( it is also related to the featured snippet ) we see the People Also Ask search query box.

People Also Ask box itself is made up to other featured snippets. As you see in the image the query related to my searched question is here – SEO tips Google, What is the best SEO tips of the quick ranking?, How can I improve my SEO results?

This are all other question related to the query. This are the other way of saying the same question. It is a compilation of related searches.

So if you are creating content for the client or for your blog, have a look at the People Also Ask box and get a sense of ideas of what topic to cover or what people are searching.

If you open up any of the People Also Ask you’ll find that this is also a featured snippet themselves. According to Moz, 58% of Google’s results contain a People Also Ask SERP feature.

Youtube Videos Featured Snippet

You’ll also see a youtube suggestion box. The search engine is confidence about this keyword that when a user searched a query he may also like to watch a video. That why youtube suggestion is there.

Youtube Videos Featured Snippet is generated by seeing the user intent. What user do after typing the term is he/she reads a blog or seeing the video. The way the user wants to consume this information is by watching the video.

On the bases of that Youtube Videos, Featured Snippet is displayed in the result page. 88% of video results are showed from YouTube.

Organic Result

In the above images, we see organic results. This result is ranked by a different algorithm. What this result is doing is matching the search intent in some way. Based on what the search engine assumes is valuable content rang high in the organic result.


The primary goal of any search engine is to provide the value to the search query


If you want to learn how to rank high in search results see this blog post – How to Improve SEO Rankings in the Organic Result

Images Pack

If you search for the term best wishes for my Mom or beautiful flowers. The very first thing that you see in the result page is the pack of images – Bunch of Images. Assume that the search engine is saying that people want to see the images first that’s why you see the images first.

The search engine is trying to deliver value to the user.

Local Packs

Local Packs show up for local searches, like “Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai” and “Store near me”.

Twitter Results

Here’s where Google pulls the latest tweets from a specific Twitter account.

For example, when you search for Moz Tweet, it shows their Twitter account… with links to their last 3 tweets.

Top Stories

You’ll sees this feature when you are looking for the news related stuff. These are links to news articles about a specific topic.

Contrary to popular belief, Top Stories don’t only show up when you search for trending keywords. Unlike most of the other SERP features on this list, your site has to be Google News approved to get in the Top Stories section.

Q&A on Google Box

They’re some of the questions that people asked on google and google has no answer, so you can write the answer and submit it.


Events blocks take up a huge amount of space on both mobile & desktop. They also encourage clicks through to the ‘events portal’ which has an ever-increasing wealth of related information.


Here is an interesting thing –

Look at the above image when the video shows up in the search results page. We noticed that the videos in the navigation tab show up first.

When you see the images pack result, the query in which the images shows up in the SERP, you noticed that the Images tab shows up first.

So you can understand that the search query and search intent, how people like to learn or understand the information based upon the ordering of that Navigation bar at the top of the Search Results.

If you are searching for any shopping term you see a different SERP result.

You will never see the same search result for the same term in different phones or laptop.

So you can use all of these features to understand something more about your potential users and about a particular search query to see it if it matches with the content you have or the objective you have.

So the important point for every SEO EXPERT is –

” A good SEO always pay attention to these minor changes in the SERP and always ask a question why is it happing? From where is the information is coming from?”

A slight changes in the search engine results page you should have an eye on it – Why this change is happing?

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I hope you have a better idea now about What is SERPs SEO and Search Intent.

Hoping for the positive response

Thank you