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Digital media is a digital content that can be broadcasted on the Internet or computer network. This encompasses the use of text, digital audio, video, and graphics. This means that news from a TV, newspaper, magazine, etc. is presented on a web site or a blogging site can fall into this category.
Examples include music files, such as MP3, Midi, or WMA files; video feed found on the internet at popular video websites; and animated flash or graphic design files and images used to create interactive websites and games.
Most digital media involves translating analog data into digital data. The Internet began to grow when the text was put onto the Internet instead of stored on papers as it was previously. Soon after the text was put onto computers images followed, then came audio and video onto the Internet.
Digital media has come a long way in the few short years to become as we know it today and it continues to grow. Digital media files are generally accessed by using complex electronics devices that contain digital receivers or processors. These devices can include computers, mobile phones, video game condigital media, digital media marketing, digital media introduction, digital media company, what is digital media marketing.soles, projectors, television, etc. Consumers access these files mostly for entertainment and educational value; however, others are used for manipulation into other forms of media, such as movies, albums, or websites

The Birth of Digital Media

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Digital Media

In the past, messages were once distributed by one particular source to their audience. The audience gathered their sources or message through a certain form of distribution, whether it newspapers magazines, radio, or television. Publishers had great sources of power over the information distributed and how it was perceived by the public. However, all that began to drastically change with the rise of computers and more importantly the internet.

Internet and Computers in Digital Media

In earlier computers, calculation and programming served as the main aim of a computer. However, over time computers began to play a more personal role in humans lives. No longer were computers being associated with government or large corporations. As technology grew, people found out that storing information on a computer was convenient and provided good structure. People expanded the function a computer could provide to its owner. People began to use a computer for communication, creative purposes, research, and entertainment.
The Internet is a vast global system that links to computer networks. People began taking to the Internet for government issues, commercial, education, social, etc this is the main purposes for giving rise to digital media.
By being able to connect with this growing amount of information, people were able to hear from multiple sources and to make it more personal by posting their own views. Now publishing and blogging has become so easy that millions of people are able to post onto the internet creating a large number of websites and share the information. As new people join the internet the amount of information viewed and provided expands.
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