What is C language? C Programming in 2019

What is C language?

C is a high level and a computer programming language. C is a general-purpose programming language that is perfect for creating firmware or versatile applications.
C language is initially proposed for composing system software. C is one of the oldest languages, it was developed in the 1970s at the Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie for the Unix Operating System.
C has Positioned among the most broadly utilized language.C is one of the thousands of programming language at present being used.C has been around for a very long while and has won far-reaching acknowledgment since it gives developers most extreme control and proficiency.C is a simple language to learn.
It is more cryptic in its style because it is old than the other programming language. But the beauty of the C language is that you can get it fairly fast.
In C language when you write a program and when you run the code, it needs a compiler to compile the code. The C program is a human-readable while executing a program it comes out in a machine-readable and executable form.

Why every programmer should learn C?

why every programmer should learn c language,What is C language? C Programming in 2019 techcode.in

The main reason that every programmer should learn C is that it makes you understand exactly how your computer works!
You can understand the basic standards of the PC architecture. C will make you feel more positive about what you type into your files in each programming language since you will realize how can it deal with the lowest level of the problems.
Let’s have an example of diet, suppose you get a diet plan from someone who is well experienced in that field. So its depend on you how you follow the plan.
In the same way, you get already syntax what you have to do is only learn and implement in the right way. So if any sort of issue emerges, there’s a chance that you solve your problem on your own. Realizing how do things work will likewise give you a chance to fix issues effectively.
One of the best reason to use C programming language is that it sits close to the operating system (O.S) This make a C language more efficient for system level organizations, example memory can be accessed easily.C is the best choice for system-level programming.

Advantages of learning C first

Presently, I don’t state that you should learn C as a first language. I simply need to state that learning C is, in itself, exceptionally valuable for each software developer.
Frankly telling, I do think there are favorable circumstances to learning C first over increasingly high-level programming languages (like C#, C++, and Python).
When you start learning these languages like C#, C++, JAVA, and PYTHON you immediately moving far from taking in the basics of programming languages and you begin learning related libraries and structures. Be that as it may, you get few libraries in the C language, you remain concentrated on the semantics of the language longer.

What is C language? C Programming in 2019, beauty of C language
Beauty of C Language

The beauty of the C programming language is that it makes you think deeper and harder about what’s going on in the program.

C is the language of compilers, interpreters, operating systems, editors, working frameworks and inserted programming. When you figure out how to program in C you nearly need to pick up comprehension of how programs execute. You recognize what things like stack, store, register, and memory mapped IO mean.
I guarantee you when you run your first code on C, you’ve got truly amazed.C is the good choice for system-level programming.

Teaches how to write a clean code

Learning C will teach you to how to write code, to compose clean procedural code.
C is additionally not an OOP language so you wouldn’t be occupied by the things like inheritance and polymorphism when composing C code. This makes you think harder. From many programmers point of view writing a C code is easier than writing C++ code.


What is C language? C Programming in 2019,popularity of c language

One of the exceptionally solid reasons why C programming dialect is so well known and used so broadly is the adaptability and the flexibility of its utilization for memory the executives. Programmers have opportunities to control how, when, and where to assign and deallocate memory. Memory is distributed statically, consequently, or powerfully in C programming with the help of malloc and calloc function.
The c programming language isn’t constrained to however utilized generally in working frameworks, language compilers, arrange drivers, language translators, and framework utilities regions of improvement.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about C, What is C language, Why every programmer should learn C, Advantages of learning C first. The importance of learning the  C programming language and why C programming is widely used for system-level programming. If you have a suggestion or run over any blunder regarding C programming please comment it. Thank you.

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