Vivaldi-The best Alternative of Chrome Browser in 2019

If you have any doubts, what you usually do you go to chrome and simply type your query. Google’s Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, 66% of share are captured by the chrome, this gives the clear idea of chrome domination from looking at the stats.
But that doesn’t mean that it is the best. If you just open a few tabs in Chrome browser, if your desktop or laptop has less than 8 GB of RAM, you will feel that it is very resource heavy. And the other problem concerns me the most is the privacy issues that come with using Google Chrome. Google is enormous in the database management, and as a Chrome user, we are basically signing over our entire personal data to Google.
If this is the problem or some other reason or yours. And now if you are searching the best alternative of chrome browser, so you are landed in right place.

Vivaldi browser
Vivaldi browser

So the best alternative of Chrome browser is Vivaldi.

Vivaldi is a new browser it is released in 2016. If you want a browser to surf the web, then Vivaldi is the answer. Google Chrome is customizable but it has some limits. If you want to customize your web browser or to behave exactly what you want for that purpose Vivaldi is the best.
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There are many reasons that make the Vivaldi the best .
So here are the 10 reasons why to use Vivaldi instead of chrome browser:-
1} Vivaldi is becoming the popular browser because it brings the number of customizability features that no other web browser gives. Vivaldi comes with dozens of different themes for the users and chose a custom theme of your own.

2} Vivaldi feels a lot like a lightweight version of Chrome, and after using this browser I feel right… And because Vivaldi and Chrome share some DNA under some licenses, so the best feature of chrome extension is available on Vivaldi browser as well.

3} Now the best part of the Vivaldi browser is the tab management tools. If you often find yourself puzzled with numbers of tabs open at once, and Vivaldi offers tools to group tabs together, organize them, and even text search through them. It also makes it easy to search the tabs using its thumbnails.

tab managment
Tab management

4} Many browsers don’t let you set a custom keyboard shortcuts. And if in some cases where it’s possible through the extensions, the extensions can only change a little bit of them. But Vivaldi lets you customize any action in the browser, and you can create as many shortcuts per action as you want. A ‘quick commands’ feature that simply lets you type what you want to do.
5} Mouse gestures, If you’re one who prefers to navigate the web by mouse rather than the keyboard, then I assured that Vivaldi fully supports mouse gestures. You can tie a gesture to any browser action, and you can define your own gestures using up to five strokes (horizontal and vertical).
6} The Vivaldi browser also come with an editable sidebar allowing the user to add its favorite apps, website, social media, news site can also rearrange those site by drag and drop.
7} One of the best features of Vivaldi is that it is integrated with Philips Hue. Vivaldi is combined with the dynamic accent color feature, that’s mean when you are browsing the various site it will change the color based on the website you are visiting.
8} When you are browsing it is very difficult to remember a bunch of the keyword shortcut, to make it easy vivaldi has the amazing feature called Quick Commands. The concept is simple, press F2 and start typing or use the arrow keys. With Quick Commands, you can instantly switch to any tab, execute any browser action, or even search your recent history. This is the best way to boost your productivity as a power user. once if you get used to it, it works much faster.
9 Reasons to Switch to Vivaldi Browser Today vivaldi browser quick commands
9} Vivaldi browser also brings extra security for its users as it never tracks or collects user personal data. Vivaldi is also working on end-to-end encryption of your data while syncing across devices which are supposed to release soon.

10} Have you ever needed a notepad while browsing, when you have some important notes to copy, save some text, or links for further use, what we simply do we go to notepad and paste it, in notepad. So it is sometimes very boring to do this again and again, now what if I say there’s a browser that has the notepad inbuild. Yes, Vivaldi has.

Vivaldi’s Notes feature is perfect for this, and it’s built right into the browser. In Vivaldi, You can create multiple notes and collect them into folders. What’s even cooler is that you can attach media to each note: a screenshot of a web page or the entire screen, a file from your system, or just the URL of a site. so this is the one of the best features of Vivaldi browser.


Now you have the 10 compelling reasons, why it is the best alternative of chrome browser. I will be revisiting many browsers over the past few weeks, and I found Vivaldi which amazed me the most. I don’t think that this article is enough to get you to switch your current browser. Or maybe it will. But one thing I promise you that it will amaze you and exceed your expectations.

 In an all, I quite like this browser and if you want a browser that gives you control over how it looks and behaves, you should try it. And also it is compatible in  Windows, macOS, can also install it from

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