Reasons To Use Python Programming in 2020

Reasons To Use Python Programming in 2020

Programming languages are around us since from the decades and every decade many languages are introduced.

So, the many newbies who are new in these fields have one big question in there mind “Which programing language is best?”, “With which language I start too?” and many more questions. After all, there is a number of languages are available in the market – C, C++, PYTHON, JAVA, RUBY, PHP, C#, JAVASCRIPT.
According to IEEE ranked Python as the #1 programming language in 2018, In 2018 Stack Overflow developer survey, the data indicated that Python was the fastest-growing major programming language.


Python is an object-oriented, dynamic, strongly typed, general-purpose, multipurpose programming language, Open Source, High-level programming language, designed to be quick (to learn, to use, and to understand), and to enforce a clean syntax. Python is small, very closely resembles the English languages, and has a number of third-party can use python for desktop GUI application, websites, to building video game with Pygame library and common programming tasks.

                                   Reasons To Use Python Programming

Easy to Read & Easy to Learn, Less Money
As python closely resembles the English language, it is very easy to understand. So one can easily understand it. As python involves less code, so it takes less time to complete a task. Has here everything is less  Thankfully to the client, this means less money too!
Unlike other programming languages like C ,Java, C++, Python emphasizes on code readability and allows to use English keyword instead of putting curly bracket {} everywhere in the code and all kind of punctuation. as python is easy it does not require a lot of written code, it allows the programmer to work quickly that means a small team can also handle python effectively.

Python readability and clean code base will help you to maintain and update the software without putting extra time and extra money and effort.

For example, something as simple as printing “Hello, World!” in C++ is:
#include <iostream>
int main() { std::cout << “Hello, world! “; return 0; }

Whilst in Python, it’s simply written as:
print(“Hello, world!”)

Wide use

Python can be used for any programming task, from GUI programming to web programming with everything else in between. It’s quite efficient, as much of its activity is done at the C level. Python is just a layer on top of C.
There are libraries for everything you can think of: game programming and OpenGL, GUI interfaces, web frameworks, semantic web, scientific computing etc.

Application use

Now Python is everywhere and now as we know python has much application uses, when you are used to it you feel powerful than ever as compare with another language.
  •   Web and Application Use
    From Python, you can develop a web application easily.
  • Application of Python Programming in desktop GUI
  • Science and Numeric Application
  • Database Access-this is one of the best python application
  • Games and 3D Graphics

Python is multipurpose: it is not specialized to a specific target of users (like R for statistics, or PHP for web programming).
It is extended through modules and libraries, that hook very easily into the C programming language.

So, friends, this is the reasons to use python or to learn Python to start your career in computer fields.

In conclusion, it’s good to say Python is a powerfully simplistic and productive tool for programmers and data scientists alike, I encourage you to use it.

If you have any more questions, mention them in the comments section and I will get back to you.

Thank you

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