Program and What is programming language in 2019

Program and Programming

A program is a set of instruction. Example suppose you are telling a direction to your friend, you are writing a program. Your friend will “execute” that instruction in turn.
Every program is written in terms of a few basic commands that its reader already understand. As I said earlier, the set of command that your friends can understand might include instruction like: “Turn right at insurance street“, “If you get to a bank, take right”.
The computer also works in a similar way, but have a different set of instruction. Some operation is mathematical, like “Take an addition of two numbers,” while others include “Read a line from the file named techcode.txt,” etc.
The most important difference between a current computer and an old model calculator is that you can “teach” a computer new operation by defining them in terms of old ones. For example, you can teach the computer that,” take the average” mean ” Add up the total numbers and divide by the sequence’s size.” You can then use the operation you have just defined to create still more operations. Program and programming language run parallel.
You can relate it with your body like by putting atoms together to make proteins and then combining proteins to build cells, combining cells to make organs, and so on.
Defining new operation and combining them to do useful things is the heart and soul of a programmer.
As Professor Jeannette Wing wrote in COMPUTATIONAL THINKING, computational thinking is about the following:

  • Conceptualizing, not programming. Computer science isn’t computer programming. Thinking like a computer scientist means more than being able to program a computer. It requires thinking at multiple levels of abstraction.
  • A way that human, not computers, think. Computational thinking is way human solve problems; it isn’t trying to get humans to think like a computer. A computer is dull and boring; humans are clever and imaginative. We programmer make the computer exciting.

program and What is programming language in 2019,

What is a Programming Language?

Direction to the nearest insurance company can be given in English, German, Portuguese, Hindi, and many other languages. As long as the people you’re talking to understand the language, they’ll get to the insurance company.
In the same way, there are many programming languages, and they all can read a number, add the number, read information from the files, and makes the user interface with windows and buttons and many more. The instruction looks different, but they accomplish the same task.
For example for adding a number to the Python  programming language, here’s how you add two number


But here’s how its done in the C Programming language.

  1. #include<stdio.h>
  2. int main()
  3. {
  4.    int a, b, c;
  5.    printf(“Enter two numbers to add\n”);
  6.    scanf(“%d%d”, &a, &b);
  7.    c = a + b;
  8.    printf(“Sum of the numbers = %d\n”, c);
  9.    return 0;
  10. }

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They both express the same idea, they just look different.
Every programming language has a way to write a program. They can be different but the output is the same.
I hope you understand the program and programming language. I assume that you understand this if you have any query related to this comment below in comment section.
Thank you.

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