Why Indian Switching to Mastodan over Twitter?

Why Indian Switching to Mastodan over Twitter?

A new app is in the talks for some days in India known as Mastodon. The discussion about this app came up due to a supreme court lawyer named Sanjay Hegde whose account was blocked by twitter due to his posts about Nazies.

Hegde then announced that he is going to upload his posts on Mastodon instead of twitter and many Indians decided Mastodon app over twitter.

Information about Mastodon:

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Mastodon is an open-source, self-hosted and free social networking app. Anyone can host their own server node in this network. It allows users from a different server to interact and create connections with each other because all the servers are connected as a federated social network.
A federated social network consists of multiple social websites where the users of the individual website can interact and communicate with other users who have their own website in the Mastodon app. This network is almost like E-mail but the only difference is that it is for social networks.

Another feature of this application is mirco blogging. In microblogging, you can publish your blogs within limited characters exactly like Twitter and Weibo. But like Twitter and Weibo Mastodon is not centrally hosted. In this app, each user is the member of an independently hosted operated server.
In mastodon users can post short messages which is called as “toots“. The privacy settings is different for different sites, it includes direct messaging, feeds, and many more. As it has different Operating server each server has its own code of conduct, moderation and terms of services.
The server-side technology is powered by Node.js and Ruby on Rails. Node.js is an open-source platform that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser.

Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby under the MIT License. The front end of this app is written in React .js and Redux. The app uses ActivityPub protocol.

Mastodon app was first launched in October 2016 but it gained importance by April 2017. In Mastodon, you will get 500 characters which is a very good function.

In 500 characters you can elaborate your blogs very strongly without eliminating the important words or sentences. You can also adjust the thumbnails of your pictures with the focal points. You can use customized emojis, hide things behind the spoiler warnings, and you can also choose who can see your posts.

If you think of correcting something in your posts then no worries, you can delete and redraft the specific post for quick corrections.

Your feeds will be in chronological orders, you can enjoy the app without any advertisements and it is non-algorithmic.

So, what is your suggestion about Mastodon? Let me know in the comment section.

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