How to Improve SEO Rankings – 52 SEO Tips and Trick

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Best way to improve SEO ranking in Google

I think if you are searching for the term how to improve SEO rankings, what are the factor that improves website ranking or some tips and trick in search engines.
I think you might know What is SEO? Why SEO is necessary in 2019  
You all guys want to make visible on the internet. Every blogger is interested in improving their ranking on the search engine.
So the key factor in improving your ranking is  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This 52 tips will improve SEO ranking in the search result.

In a month 100B searches take place on google. It is very difficult for the search engine to find your website and rank it, if it is not properly SEO optimized. SEO Is a technique that is used to enhance the ranking of the website in search engine results pages (SERP).
Some fact:

  1. Do you know around 93% of people search their query on the internet in spite of searching it in book or dictionary.
  2. The top 3 results on the search engine have a 60% chance of getting clicked.
  3. The most astonishing part is 83% of people won’t get click on the second page of the search query result.
  4. In 2018, 20% of mobile queries are voice searches. It is about a 10 billion google search. So the most important aspect of SEO is voice search.
  5. Size matter, the average first-page result on Google contains 1,890 words.

I know you guys are interested in know what are the factor for improving SEO ranking.
There are certain factor, you can do to increase your chances of getting ranked higher on search engines crawler.

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So let’s dive into how to grab organic traffic………

How to improve SEO rankings in 2019

improve SEO rankings, how to improve SEO rankings, How to Improve SEO Rankings - 52 SEO Tips and Trick improve my SEO rankings, ways to improve SEO rankings, seo tips and trick,, improve SEO rankings 2019, SEO techniques to improve rankings,1) Try to have a Top Level Domain (TLD) which as your Keyword Appearance:

The first thing while buying a domain is try to get a top-level domain like .com .net .info. Then try to get a niche specific domain. Example if you are going for the technology blog, try to have a domain like Techopedia, Techcode, etc. This tip doesn’t boost that much. Still having a keyword in your domain still acts as a relevancy signal for the google.

2) Country TLD extension:

 If you want to rank fast in a particular country then I suggest you should go with ccTLD ( Country Code Top Level Domain ) like .in for India, .ca for Canada.
But it can limit the site’s ability to rank globally in the world.

3)  Title Tag must have Keyword:

Your Title Tag must contain the keyword. This makes the work of crawler fast, and also get indexing fast on the search engine. Title Tag is one of the important parts of On-page SEO.

4). Keyword in Description Tag:

When Google crawler comes to your website it doesn’t use the meta description tag as a direct ranking factor. Either way, your description tag can impact click-through-rate, which is a key ranking factor. 

5). A keyword must as  H1 Tag:

After a Title Tag that a crawler sees is the H1 tags which are also called as “second title tag”. According to the study, it is concluded that after a title tag, Google uses H1 tag as a relevancy signal for the crawler to giving indexing to a particular blog.

6). Article Length:

The article that contains more word are likely to rank higher than Content with fewer words. This factor matter a lot because the article with a more word can cover a piece of wider in-depth information and are likely preferable in the algorithm compared to shorter articles.  One recent survey industry study found that content length correlated with search engine results pages (SERP) position. Article length is a key factor to improve SEO rankings. This factor will definitely bring organic traffic to your website.

7) Keyword Density:

As of now, keyword density is not much important as it once was. Google only determine is there any keyword stuffing is their or not, and also determine the topic of the blog. One of the main reason why your website is not ranking is because of keyword stuffing. Many bloggers use to put keyword everywhere in the blog, So crawler might think it a worthless content, and it has only keyword everywhere in the blog post.

8) Keyword Positioning

Arranging a keyword in your article/blog is a very important aspect to improve SEO rankingsSo the next big question is how to place a keyword properly-

  1. In a Title Tag
  2. A keyword must present in the first 100 words your blog post
  3. The keyword should present 2-3 times in the middle of the blog
  4. At the end of the blog
  5. If you are on WordPress, use Yoast SEO

9) Number the Contents:

After the intro of the blog, try to give the numbering to your point what you are going to cover in the blog post. This numbering of content can help Google to understand what’s your page all about.

10) Page Loading Speed:

improve SEO rankings, how to improve SEO rankings, How to Improve SEO Rankings - 52 SEO Tips and Trick improve my SEO rankings, ways to improve SEO rankings, seo tips and trick,, improve SEO rankings 2019, SEO techniques to improve rankings,
All the search engine use page speed as one of the most important ranking factors. Search engine crawlers measure the page speed very accurately. Google uses chrome user data to analyze the page’s loading speed. So it is very necessary that a site load fast.
In a survey, it is concluded that 40% of users will bounce back if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load.

11) Use of  Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

It does not come under the ranking factor, but it indirectly helps to improve SEO rankingsThe main aim of AMP is to make your site loading speed fast on mobile. It reduces the heavy files of JS, CSS. I suggest you guys put AMP on your website. No one can wait on your website instead the user will bounce back on some other website.

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12) Duplicate Content:

Do not copy someones other content. Try to write your own content. If you write your own content then it will automatically become a unique article. Duplicate article with a slightly modified can negatively influence your ranking on the search engines. So this is one of the key factors to improve SEO ranking.

13) Old Page Updates:

It is very important to update your old page or article.
Does Google always need fresh content?
Yes, Google ranks the page which has fresh content. So the page or content updates play an important role in improving your website rank.

 14) Keyword in H2, H3 Tags:

Your keyword should appear in the subheading in H2 and H3. This is another weak relevancy factor in your ranking. These tags make spiders understand the structure of the page and whats your page about.

15) Link To Other Quality Site:

If you are linking to a quality website which as good DA and PA can send a trust signals to Google. In a study, it is found that a website with an outbound link ranks higher than a website which has no outbound link.

16) Outbound to a relevant page

Always link to a relevant page, this gives a relevancy single in page ranking. For example, If your website is about technology link to a technical page, not a car blog or something.

17) Mobile Usability:

Websites which are mobile friendly which loads fast in mobile can easily rank on Google. Because now Google is mainly focusing on a website which loads fast has got in Google’s “Mobile-first Index”.

18) Use Multimedia:

how to improve see ranking through social media, improve seo in 2019
Use images, videos and other multimedia elements may act as a content quality signal. This images or videos grab the attention of the user fast and also reduces a bounce rate. This is one of my preferred way of how I improve my SEO rankings.

19) Do use too many Affiliate Links:

If you are linking too many Affiliate links this probably affect your rankings. Google’s algorithm may pay less attention to your website.

20) URL Length:

Try to make your website URL small. Excessively long URLs may hurt a page’s search engine visibility. In a study, it is found that a page with a short URL slightly ranks higher than long URLs.
Your URL must contain your keyword, Google rep recently called this an “a very small ranking factor“. Anyway its a ranking factor.

improve seo rankings how to improve seo rankings improve seo rankings 2019 ways to improve seo rankings improve seo rankings, seo tips and trick seo techniques to improve rankings seo tips and trick 2019
Size of URLs

21) Bullets and Numbered Lists:

Using a proper bullet and numbered lists help the user to read an article properly and also make the user more user-friendly. Google may prefer this as a positive signal for the crawler. This is the best SEO techniques to improve SEO rankings.

22) Contact Us Page:

As we all know Google stated that they prefer sites which as “appropriate amount of contact information”. Make sure that your contact information matches your whois information.

23) Disclaimer and Privacy Pages:

These two pages make your site trustworthy and the good members on the Internet. This pages must present in your website to make your site ranking good in the search engine and it also builds trust in your user.

 24) Presence of Sitemap:

Your page must have a Sitemap. A sitemap helps crawler to index your page easier, and also improve your visibility.

25)  SSL Certificate:

Make sure that your website is SSL certified. Google has confirmed that use HTTPS will rank your site higher. 

According to Google,  HTTPS only acts as a “tiebreaker“.

26) Mobile Optimized:

improve SEO rankings, how to improve SEO rankings, How to Improve SEO Rankings - 52 SEO Tips and Trick improve my SEO rankings, ways to improve SEO rankings, seo tips and trick,, improve SEO rankings 2019, SEO techniques to improve rankings,
60% of the searches now take place on the phone. Google wants to see that your website is optimized for mobile users. In fact, Google now de-ranking the website which is not mobile friendly. This will definitely improve SEO rankings on Google.

27) Site Accessibility:

It is very necessary that your navigation is proper. If a website that’s very difficult to navigate their user can hurt the ranking by reducing the time, bounce rate, etc.

28) Submit in Google Search Console:

Many SEO experts say that Google Search Console directly increase your ranking. We can manually set the crawler to get indexing fast. Either way, Google has denied this as a myth. This is the key factor to improve SEO ranking.

29) Links from .edu or .gov Domains:

Try to make a backlink from the .gov and .edu. It gradually increases your ranking. Linking to a  top level domain (TLD) doesn’t affect site importance than this factor does. I think there might be a special place for .gov and .edu site in the search algorithm.
If you get a link from this type of websites will improve SEO ranking in search engine.

30) Link to an old domain

A small factor that will increase your ranking in google is making backlinks from the aged domains that may be it as more power and good DA and PA then a new domain.

31) Image Optimization:

Make sure that your image should be optimized, the image should be less than 100kb. If the size of the image is less than a 100 kb its helps your website loading speed.

33) Alt tag:

Alt text acts as anchor text for images. Optimize your image properly with Title, description, caption and alt tag.
This will boost your traffic and it is also the best SEO techniques to improve rankings, in search results.

34) Link source:

If you have a backlink from the single source i.e from the same website or forum may be a bad signal, Google might think it as a web spamming. On the other hand, the link from the other source is a signal to google that his website is good for his user.

35)Country TLD of Referring Domain:

If you are getting a links form country-specific top-level domain like (.in, .co, .uk, .cn, .de). This tip will help you in ranking in a particular country. If your website motto is to target a particular country, then choose this a country-specific domain.

 36) Linking Domain Relevancy:

Try to get a backlink from a similar niche website. This shows a significantly more powerful signal to Google than a link from a completely unrelated site. A link from a similar page also passes more value to your site.

37) Backlink Age:

improve SEO rankings, organic traffic, how to improve SEO rankings, How to Improve SEO Rankings - 52 SEO Tips and Trick improve my SEO rankings, ways to improve SEO rankings, seo tips and trick,, improve SEO rankings 2019, SEO techniques to improve rankings,
According to a Google patent, older links have more ranking power than new backlinks on your website.

38) The number of Outbound Links on Page:

Outbound link matter in the search ranking of your page. It gives a positive signal to a search engine. Giving a link to a website which has hundreds of external links pass less PageRank than a site with useful outbound links.

39) Click Through Rate on your keyword organically:

A page that having a click-through rate more organically may get a SERP boost for your particular keyword. This will definitely improve SEO rankings.
A website which has organic CTR for his all keyword will rank higher in the search engine. Google thinks it is a human-based interaction.
Let’s have an example:-
This website has a similar niche, Suppose they write an article on the same topic.
Now Google will see all the SEO factor, suppose all the factor are also same then crawler will check the Click Through Rate i.e CTR.
So if a website which has more click organically will rank higher than the other website.

40) Bounce Rate:

A recent study by SEMRush found that a bounce rate matter in google ranking factor. If your bounce rate is more then google think it is not a useful site for a particular keyword to his user.

41) Direct Traffic:

Google will see how many people are visiting your website. A website with a lot of direct traffic directly indicates google that this website is best for his user.
If your website is getting more direct traffic through Google will automatically improve SEO ranking.

42) Comments:

organic traffic, improve SEO rankings, how to improve SEO rankings, How to Improve SEO Rankings - 52 SEO Tips and Trick improve my SEO rankings, ways to improve SEO rankings, seo tips and trick,, improve SEO rankings 2019, SEO techniques to improve rankings, Having a more healthy comment on the website will send a positive signal to Google about user interaction and quality of a website.
One of the google member Gary Illyes said on Twitter that having a thriving community helps with rankings factor. He said, “a healthy, thriving community on a website, that can help a lot” when it comes to Google rankings.
Comments on your article will definitely Improve SEO Rankings in a search engine.

43) Dwell time:

Google focuses mainly on its user interaction, how much time he spends on your page after coming to your website.
Longer Dwell Time = Higher Search Rankings.
So dwell time is a key factor to improve SEO rankings on Google.

44) Website Over-optimization:

Google will not rank websites which are over  SEO optimized. This includes excessive keyword, keyword stuffing, bad linking, etc.

       Google Algorithm Updates

organic traffic, Google Algorithm UpdatesGoogle Hummingbird Google Mobile Friendly Update Google Panda Update Google Penguin Update Google Pigeon Update Google Payday Update Google Pirate Update Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update Google Top Heavy Update
Google Algorithm Updates

45) Google Hummingbird:

This update changes the whole algorithm of the keyword ranking, because of this algorithm google can easily understand the content of the website. This update helps Google to better interpret the search queries, Hummingbird makes it possible for a page or a website to rank for a query even if it doesn’t contain the exact words the user entered because it provides actually content what his user want.

46) RankBrain:

This algorithm checks the user interaction on a particular search result, It is used to sort the search result.
RankBrain was launch on 26 October 2015.  It is a machine learning system that helps Google understand the meaning of the queries that the user entered, and serve best-matching search results in response to those queries. It is also a part of the Google Hummingbird update. Google calls RankBrain the third most important ranking factor

47) Panda Update:

It was launch in 2011. This algorithm checks the keyword stuffing, duplicate content and user-generated spam. It also penalizes a website which has any of this stuff.
This provides a “quality score” to your website. This scores then used in google ranking factor.

48) Penguin:

It was launch in 2012. It works in real time. Google main objective to use this algorithm is to find irrelevant links, over-optimized website, spammy website.
If you are doing any of this, this will de-rank your website ranking.

Differences between On-Page and Off-Page SEO

49) Pigeon:

This update mainly focuses on On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. So after this updated website which is well On-off Page SEO optimized will rank higher in the search engine.
Pigeon update also affects those searches in which the user’s location plays an important role.

50) Mobile Update:

Google Algorithm UpdatesGoogle Hummingbird Google Mobile Friendly Update Google Panda Update Google Penguin Update Google Pigeon Update Google Payday Update Google Pirate Update Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update Google Top Heavy Update, organic traffic
It is launch in 2015. This algorithm analyses all the website and rank the website which is mobile-friendly, while website which are not optimized for mobile are filtered out from the SERPs and down-ranked the website.

51) Possum Update:

This update varies from location to location depending on user location
This update boosts the business website too, it is launch in 2016

52) FRED:

It was launch on March 8, 2017.
Fred update aim is to target a website that violates Google’s webmaster guidelines
After this update, most of the small blogger get affected.
I hope this guide “How to Improve SEO Rankings – 52 SEO Tips and Trick” Will helps you to grab you organic traffic and Improve SEO ranking in Google.
Now I’d like to hear from you guys
How do you implement these SEO tips and trick in your blog and improve your organic traffic?
So get started today, who knows maybe the next when you press the publish button, will ranking first in the search engine.
If I left or missed something
Let me know in the comment section
Thank You!!!!!!

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