How to Register a Domain Name in India 2020

How to Register a Domain Name in India 2020

           Register a Domain Name

If you are searching for how to register a domain name, how to register a domain name in India, So cheers guys you are landed on the right place.
If you planning to launch the website, you will definitely need a domain name.
So before starting lets us know-

What is a domain name?

The domain name is the address with which you can open the corresponding website in the search engines. Take the a domain as an example. When you enter this domain in your browser, a special server Domain Name System (DNS) finds and opens the Techcode website.

Why the domain name is important in 2020?

register a domain name in india, Register a Domain Name in India 2020
As we all know after the JIO revolution, the competition increases more rapidly. Now the world is evolving very quickly because of the internet. Everyone is becoming digital. So it is very necessary to make an online presence in this digital world
Either way, it is very important for any businessman to make an online presence
Nowadays it is very important to have a Domain name to make your brand and to increase your profit.

What is included in the domain?

A domain name consists of several levels. They are separated by dots and counted from the end. The number of such levels can reach three.
The first level is called the domain zone. There is a fixed list of zones that you can choose. Some of them indicate that the site belongs to a specific region: .in – INDIA, .uk -United Kingdom, .eu – the European Union, .nl-Netherlands
Others inform about the direction of the site: COM – commerce, INFO – information activities, GOV – government and so on. There are also domain zones, which consist of two levels(Second-level domains). For example, COM.RU, ORG.UA, .IN.UA and NET.UA.
The level that follows the domain zone is the name of the site. You can compose it at your discretion from the letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers, and a hyphen. For example, in the Techcode site, this level corresponds to the name Techcode, following the IN zone.

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How to register a domain name:-

Registering a domain is quite easy. It only takes a couple of minutes. The cost of the domain name varies from the domain name, size of the domain name, its popularity and so on.
A domain name can cost you around 800-1000 rupees in India. But at the starting domain registrar will cost you less.
Some of the best domain registrars in India are:-

how to register a domain name,Some of the best domain registrars in India are:- IN INDIA 2020,TECHCODE.IN



The procedure can be performed on the website of any domain name registrar. All such services work in approximately the same way, consider the process using the example of – one of the largest registrars in India.

  • Open the GoDaddy site, enter the desired site name, and click on search.
  • So GoDaddy looks for your domain name in ICANN, If the domain is available it shows “Yes! Your domain is available. Buy it before someone else does” or if it is not present it mean someone else buys this domain. If the name is occupied in all someone, you will have to change it and start the search again
  •  After finding your desired domain – create an account and pay for all selected domains.

In this way, one can register a domain name in India or in any part of the world.
You are not buying a domain name in fact, just renting it. In the process of registering a domain name, you may be offered additional features, such as Domain Ownership Protection, when the paid period expires or hosting to host a website with a purchased domain, Create an email address that matches your domain. If you do not need these services, click on No Thanks.
As a rule, on the website of any registrar you can read about each domain zone: for which sites it is intended, with which users associate and what are the restrictions for registration.
As for the restrictions, for the use of some zones need special permissions. For example, you can register a site in the UA zone only if you have a trademark with the appropriate name. In this case, the registrar will ask for special documents. But the vast majority of domains, including IN and COM, are available to everyone.

How to choose a domain name before registering in 2020?

This few tips will help you to decide on a domain.

  1. Try to make the domain as short as possible. So it will be easier to remember and enter in the address bar for the user.
  2. Choose a site name that reflects its subject matter.
  3. If you cannot choose a short, meaningful and at the same time unique name, use dictionaries and reference books. You can borrow vocabulary from the Latin language.
  4. If you picked a great name, but it is already registered by someone else, try alternative options. For example, recently, instead of COM, a coherent zone of CO is often used. .CO domain is assigned by Colombia, but it is open to all and it is recognized as international level.
  5. If you buy a domain for your company, try to buy all domain related to your domain like-.Info .org and so on…
  6. If you register a company website, discuss a domain with a lawyer before purchasing a domain. If another company has already received a trademark for the selected name, a domain can be taken away from you.

After registering a domain name you can build your website on Blogger, WordPress, Joomla etc.
I think your doubt about how to register a domain name will be solved or you get an idea about domain registration in India.
Thank you
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