What you should consider – Google Page Rank VS Alexa Ranking

What you should consider – Google Page Rank VS Alexa Ranking

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In my blogging journey, I have seen a lot of blogger around worrying about Google Page Rank, Google Page Rank VS Alexa Ranking but very few of them are worried about Alexa Rank

So let us discuss what is important Google Page Rank VS Alexa Ranking

Google Page Rank

People love to make their Page Rank High in the search engines. I have seen a lot of websites which provides very less information but having high Page Rank.

They love to build page rank because they have only motive to sell their websites. However, it’s very hard to earn high Page Ranking easily.
But I don’t think Page Rank matters for traffic from Google.

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Let’s take Example of my blog
TECHCODE, It’s just 1-year-old blog and having PR 20, but when it comes to traffic I have beaten a lot of Bloggers in my Niche.

So does PR still matters?


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Some Points About Google Page Rank

  • 1. If your Page Rank is high then Advertiser won’t think much while displaying Ads on your website. And that’s the reason most of the peoples are worried about their website’s Page Rank.
  •  If you have a low page ranking like mine, then it doesn’t mean you won’t get traffic from Google.
  •  I am not saying that Page Rank with Zero rocks but don’t worry much about it. Just keep posting fresh content, original content, provide value to the user to attract more visitors and get search engine juice.

Alexa Ranking

Based on my experience with Alexa Ranking System I can say it’s not hard to get better Alexa Rank. Actually Alexa Rank depends on your blog niche and then on your traffic.
Let us take the example of my other website:-
One of my websites got Alexa Rank of 5 Lakhs within 1 Month whereas for wheres this website i.e Techcode.in it took 4 Months. Time is not a factor here but the consistency of posting and traffic matters a lot when its come to Alexa Ranking.

So from the above information, we can say that Alexa Rank depends on traffic and niche.

You may notice that Blogging, SEO Tips and Tricks, Technology etc related Niche Blogs are getting very high Alexa Rank within very less time. It’s all because of Alexa Toolbar.

If you have Alexa Browser Toolbar installed then it will improve the Alexa rank of your websites.

So if your blog is about Blogging then there will be a lot of peoples with Alexa Toolbar installed and thus Alexa Rank improves.

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Some Points Above Alexa Ranking

1. A lot of Advertisers now prefer Alexa Rank while putting ads on your website.
2. If your site is having low Alexa Rank then it simply means that you are not updating it regularly. Try to put the unique content frequently.
3.  Alexa rank improves with the increment of your website traffic so you need to work hard over it.

Final Conclusion

I will say Alexa Rank matters more than Google Page rank if you want to have some bulks.
Because I can give you an example of many websites which are not having any backlinks, low DA, PA.

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So we can say PR depends on the age of your domain while Alexa depends upon your website traffic. So concentrate on Alexa Rank more then Google Page Rank. If you are Blogging in a niche where Webmasters doesn’t come and having Alexa Rank below 1 Lac, then it simply means you are having a great traffic. However Page Rank helps to grab a lot of Paid Posts/ Reviews from many companies.

That was my view from my experience but I would like to know from you. So kindly take time to share your experience with Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank.

I hope you guys get cleared your question Google Page Rank VS Alexa Ranking, is page rank important or not?

If you still have some questions comment down below

Thank you

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