Evolution of Internet – How Internet Invented

Evolution of Internet – How Internet Invented

Evolution of the Internet

Internet is the most important thing at present in the world.
It’s like without internet all the Smartphone, Laptops, Computers are like nothing.
Since decades, there was a time when the internet is available to very fewer peoples but now it is available to all.
At present, the internet user is like beyond our imagination and in upcoming years the stats say it’s becoming more and bigger.
Here on the internet, every second on search engines million of search takes places, thousands of photo, videos are uploaded.
And in every second lakhs and crore, of money transaction takes places.
What will happen if the INTERNET shut down for one minute?
If the internet shut down for one minute many big countries have to suffer more than 100$ loss. Because of this many businesses get affected. And drastic changes take places in the share market.
Now, you can imagine how powerful the internet is.

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Well, What is the internet, and use of the internet we all know it.

But here one question arises in your mind is –
Who invented the internet?
How did the Internet start?
So let’s dive in the world of Evolution of Internet…


How internet started
There’s an amazing and interesting story behind how the internet started.
In 1957, when the Soviet Union launches the first satellites, this news spreads like a fire. When this news reaches America, So what American gazed how it’s possible.
This is the main reason behind the Cold war between the soviet union and America.
Due to that, American president Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958 changed the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).
Here the American president Dwight D. Eisenhower, the reason behind Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) is to make the country advanced in the field of science and technology to overtake the soviet union.
In that time, the size of a computer is like it will occupy the whole room. This computer usually uses the magnetic tape and in that time there was no way to connect the multiple computers to a network.

The invention of new technology begins (INTERNET)

So Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) engineers started thinking to solve this issue to connect to the multiple networks.
So to create this type of network Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) decided to take the help of one Tech company called BBN TECHNOLOGIES. So BBN Technology company started working on this project and successfully created a network. This network can connect 4 different computers together at a time. This network is named as called as Advanced Research Project Agency Network(ARPANET).
Advanced Research Project Agency Network is the first network to Implement the protocol like TCP/IP.
These technologies became the technical foundation of the internet.
Now, what in this way work toward internet started. And in 1973 engineers decided why not to connect the Advanced Research Project Agency Network to connect with Pocket Radio Network(PRN).

What is PRNet?

Pocket Radio Network(PRN) is a form of the packet that is used to transmit digital data via wireless communication.
So to develop this network it takes three years for engineers to build this network, and finally, they successfully connect the Advanced Research Project Agency Network(ARPANET) and Pocket Radio Network(PRN).
After a year this network is connected with SATNET.
So, all the multiple networks are connected with one network called INTER-NETWORKING. In short in today’s date we called it as the INTERNET.
Many more networks are connected to this network, after the success of this network.
In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee computer scientist, designed a system or a rule or navigation, with help of this rule one can access the internet easily.
With a particular URL, we can access a particular page or a document quickly.

The thing that are available on the internet we can access them through a simple URL which names as World Wide Web (WWW).
In today’s date, we can see on laptop computer mobile whenever you open a website or access the internet you will definitely see a World Wide Web (WWW). All this is possible because of Tim Berners-Lee.
After the success of this many other networks join this internet, nowadays ever thing is connecting with the internet.
This blog that you are reading is also because of the internet.
Thank you for reading this blog on Evolution of the Internet till the ends.
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Thank you.

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