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GoDaddy Group is the largest domain name registrar of the existing ones. It supports more than 33 million domain names, and not just somewhere, but in the largest first-level domain zones. Such zones include: COM, ORG, NET, BIZ, INFO.

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In 2011, on July 1, the GoDaddy Group announced that they would attract investments through the partial sale of such investment funds as KKR & Co, Technology Crossover Ventures, Silver Lake Partners. The exact amount is not known, however, they are talking about 2 billion dollars.
Prior to this transaction, 78% of GoDaddy belonged to its founder, Bob Parsons, who controlled the activities of this company. The rest of the company through options owned top managers GoDaddy.
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Attracting investment funds should not only make cash injections into GoDaddy but also share their experience in foreign markets and help to modernize the technical component of the company.
In 2006, the largest registration company GoDaddy suspended the operation of 1399 registered Majordomo domains on unjustified spam charges. In order to unlock the domain names, the company requested $ 199 for each domain name.
Because of this event, a sufficiently large number of users suffered. GoDaddy’s policies have negatively affected many. The company closed domain names for an unverified complaint, offering to unlock for a certain amount. Few people liked this move.
In addition to registering domain names, GoDaddy is engaged in providing users with various additional services. For example, hosting, web page designer and SSL certificates. It is also possible to work with this company after selecting your hosting plan and resell it to other private clients.

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One of the many reasons the internet is so powerful because it gives almost anyone the ability to share their voice and knowledge with the rest of the world.

A popular way to make yourself known is to establish a website and make an online presence.

These days, many services, such as WordPress or Blogger, offer websites on the business domain, but in many cases, it makes more sense for your website on your website – a personal space on the Internet where you are in full control. Published and how it looks.
If you want to make a website and make your online presence, Godday is the best Domain Name Registration Company

Here’s how to register your domain name.

When setting up your personal domain name, you have a lot of options and many sellers to choose from. You can search around to see what works best for you and your needs – or see our suggestions given below – but outline what you need to do in the following steps.
1. Ensure that the domain name you want is available. You can start your search in domain name registration Company –  GoDaddy. Be creative, because your domain will be the business name in the future, the central focus of your entire site.
If you want to reserve a domain name, start with the domain name registrar on GoDaddy.Basically go to:-
Search for the domain name you want.
2. If the name is available, you will have the option to register domains on many different top-level domains if available, such as .com, .org, .biz, and .net if the name is not available try again with the different name. Hundreds of millions of domains name are already registered, so this step can be difficult. Do not give up!Domain registration, Domain name registration company, domain name, domain registration, How to buy a domain name, Buy domain name, Cheap domain registration India.
3. After selecting those top-level domains you want to register with, the last option is how long you want to reserve your domain name. You can buy domain names for a maximum increment of 10 years to 1 year.
4. When you have finalized the name, it should be at the top level domain, and for the time you want to own the name, you will have to pay the domain registrar to register. Once you make a payment, you are the owner of the domain name.

Get full detail on how to register a domain name 

Now that your domain has been registered, you just need to tell where your domain should go updating your site’s nameservers .
After updating your nameservers, you need a space to locate your file that you upload on your website. If you do not have a place to host your website, so don’t worry. Most registrars have their own hosting option during the registration process. Having a hosting for the same domain name registration company is the easiest way because you do not have to worry about any extra setup.
There are many Domain Name Registration Company:-

With different domain name registration company, you can compare the domain price. And the process of registration is the same as above explained.
I hope after reading this you may be planning for buying a domain name. If you have any doubt regarding this please let me know in comment section.
Thank you.

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