Amazing Six New Feature of IOS 12

New Feature of IOS 12

Apple has finally released his IOS 12 version for iPhone,iPads, and iPods globally on September 17.

This new IOS 12  version comes up with a lot of new features that will escalate the performance of the device as well as improve the experience with the device. One of the best things is that it is compatible with all the iPhones till iPhone 5S, and iPad Mini 2.IOS 12 is mainly focusing on improving the overall performance of the device.IOS 12 has many new updates, feature.
Here are the 6 features that beat the new Android’s Pie Update.


Apple is building an automated feature in the  IOS12, you can modify your shortcuts that you’re most likely to use before going to work for while, like Document notes, Weather news, Maps. This feature also allows you to carry out your many non-ends of work using a single command, also according to your convenience you can modify and create your own shortcut. Siri also monitors your daily usage work and suggest you the shortcuts that make the work fast. Arguably most handy though is that you can set code phrases for Siri actions, which is great when you don’t want to vocalize your entire request in the public. The endless screen also getting smoother this time.


Animoji feature is already introduced last year in the iPhone X, but it has some minor bugs, now Apple has improved this feature a lot.
IOS 12 update has new avatars including a T.Rex, Koala, Ghost, Tiger. Now this avatars can track your movement of the tongue, an eye blink. By the way, the big update is ‘memoji’, memoji means you can make your own avatars, with many varieties.
This memoji can be used in iMessage.

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Performance improvements
Performance improvements

In ios 12 version, Apple is mainly focusing on improving the performance of the older device. Apple claims that the IOS 12 makes the phone, twice as fast. Navigation around the interface along with screen animation is also said to seem smoother this time.


Apple’s FaceTime will support group video calls for up to a whopping 32 users, during the group calling the user can use the Memoji, stickers, and everything else. Individual tile is shown to every member.


notification is a headache sometimes when we are busy with dealing with some other application and in between, we get a pop-ups NOTIFICATION.Apple works hard to improve it in IOS 12. Now in IOS 12, the system will club all your notification, which will help in making the garbage of notification easier to handle. One can also silent the notification of particular app from setting.


Nowadays many people are getting addicted to there smartphone, in order to through this addiction. Apple introduces a ‘screen time‘ this feature monitor or analyzes how much time you spend on smartphone staring that small screen. You can also set the limits for screen time and app usage as well. However, this feature really helps full for the parent, to set the time limit for the child to use the mobile.
It is also useful for the gamer to restrict their daily usage.
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